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David G. - Blood Type Diet Success Story

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We originally found David through an inspiring Facebook post he made in ourEat Right 4 Your Type - Blood Type O Group, so we decided to reach out for a full interview. We hope you enjoy his inspiring story!

Original Facebook Post:

“I have previously posted a testimony here 4 years ago. Time for an update. I want to say that I am not being paid or rewarded in any way, other than to share my story. My harmful cholesterol was increasing and I was having many symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Once I discovered the blood type diet, things changed very quickly. Lost body fat, gained muscle. No protein or any other sports supplements. No medications. I do all my own cooking and meal preparation.”

How did you find out about, and what made you decide to try The Blood Type Diet?

About 8 years ago, I suddenly developed gastro issues, I tried different Doctors, natural doctors, finally had a colonoscopy, no treatments / medications helped. I also had to have a number of small surgeries for fistulas. I was looking for a solution, not patches. I felt it was diet related and began to look for problems after eating certain foods. I was on to something! I stumbled across the book Eat Right 4 Your Type and began in earnest to read and follow the plan.

What has been your experience with The Blood Type Diet?

I had always been physically active, but began to gain unwanted weight around the midsection, harmful cholesterol and blood pressure were also increasing. Once I got on the diet, my doctor and I were both shocked to find that my cholesterol had dropped by over 100 points, and blood pressure was in the normal range too!

What was the most surprising change you experienced with The Blood Type Diet?

Continued lower level of body fat. I am able to keep up with younger people at high elevation hiking.

How do you stay motivated to keep with The Blood Type Diet?

I don’t find it difficult at all. Occasionally I will have a reaction when eating out, so I am reminded as to why I needed to find a solution from these unpleasant situations.

What advice would you give other people who are curious about The Blood Type Diet or have just started The Blood Type Diet?

I encourage people to try it. I find that it’s pretty common for people to be living in misery and not getting solutions from the medical field.

Did your experience change the way you look at nutrition or health in general?

I had always had a keen interest in health, but eating right is like tailoring the food to the machine (the body).

What are your health goals going forward?

Continue being physically healthy and live long while also being active.

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