April 2017

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ABO Essentials

April 2017

Volume 14, Number 4

Happy April

by Martha D'Adamo

Martha D'Adamo

April is one of those bridge months, ever so slightly hinting at weather changes and the hidden potential of the earth revealing itself with the first bloom of the crocuses, daffodils and the brilliant yellow burst of forsythias. Along with these beautiful shifts come the less desirable aspects of April: pollen and the seasonal challenges of allergies that more and more people seem to be effected with.

In this issue, we feature a wonderful article by Dr. Peter D’Adamo about allergies and the Blood Type Diet, the top ten beneficial foods for each blood type to support seasonal allergic reactions as well as some supplement support protocols to reduce the impact of seasonal allergies.

As I have gotten older, my seasonal allergies have gotten more severe, and here are my four go-to suggestions as we head into the spring.

  1. Symptoms associated with allergies are signs of inflammation. Step up compliance on your Blood Type Diet by focusing on beneficial foods and strengthening your gut (all health begins in the gut!).
  2. Don’t wait for the symptoms to start! For natural allergy prevention, begin taking your supplements now to provide nature’s allergy shield and to minimize the impact of seasonal allergy discomfort.
  3. Reduce the allergy triggers by removing shoes and clothing you've worn outside that can carry pollen into the house. Towel off the family pets before they come inside so they don’t bring outdoor pollen and allergens indoors. On windy days, close the windows so the airborne pollen doesn’t blow in.
  4. Schedule extra time for rest. Seasonal changes can add an additional stress to our bodies, and by making time to get extra sleep and downtime, you can keep your overall system strong, reduce stress, and increase vitality.

Armed with this knowledge, you should be able enjoy the spring flowers without allergies ruining the fun! Have a happy April.



Blood Type Diet and Allergies

Allergy means "altered working." Watery eyes and a runny nose are great to wash away germs when your body is fighting a virus. But when there's no actual threat to the body and it falsely sets off these countermeasures, the normally helpful symptoms serve no purpose and become disruptive.

Immune cells called Immunoglobulin E (IgE for short) are created by the body in response to specific allergens. Once created, the IgE cells can last for months, immediately releasing histamine and causing symptoms whenever an offending substance is eaten or inhaled. Antihistamines suppress allergy symptoms because histamine is the chemical responsible for them.

Environmental allergies can be caused by pollen, animal dander, smoke or chemicals, such as air fresheners or pollution. Pollen is the egg-shaped male reproductive cell of flowering plants. It is typically smaller than the width of a human hair and carried by the wind from one plant to another. Each species' pollen is slightly different, so it's possible to be allergic to the pollen from one specific plant but not another or to be allergic to many of them at once.

Food allergies can cause hives, digestive problems, eczema and respiratory reactions. Food sensitivities or intolerances don't create IgE cells, but can still cause digestive or mood problems and can increase the body's allergic response to other substances. True food allergies usually cause symptoms within two hours, though some can happen in less than two minutes. This is why an EpiPen is carried by many with severe food allergies - in case accidental exposure to an allergen causes the throat to close rapidly.

Allergies can lead to complications like sinusitis, asthma, or ear infections. Sinusitis can occur when excess mucus in the sinus cavity is not properly drained and harmful bacteria or fungi grow out of control. Ear infections can occur when the Eustachian tube is not properly drained and pathogens take root. Both of these conditions are worsened when allergies increase mucus in the nose.

Extrinsic asthma, also called atopic asthma, is directly related to allergens and IgE reactions. Intrinsic asthma is caused by cold air, infections, inhaled irritants, exercise or emotional distress. Atopic asthma is more common in children, but most asthma sufferers have a combination of both types.

The body's response to allergens can be mediated by reducing overall stress on the body. This is how the Blood Type Diet can help. Red blood cells have chemicals called antigens on the outer surface, which vary by blood type. Many foods contain natural chemicals called lectins, many of which interact with blood type antigens. Often times the body can handle the effects of dietary lectins or environmental allergens, but trying to deal with both simultaneously can cause symptoms.

Blood type also affects how efficiently we can digest carbohydrates or red meat. "Leaky gut" is more likely to develop when eating foods we have trouble digesting, like those that contain harmful lectins for our specific blood type. This is a type of gastrointestinal (GI) damage where there are tiny holes in the walls of the digestive system, which allows larger food molecules to be absorbed. More lectins and allergens get into the bloodstream where they don’t belong, which can lead to problems. A healthy GI system will break down foods into smaller particles before they're absorbed, reducing the chance of unwanted reactions. Lectins can bind with IgE molecules and make them release histamine. A diet high in harmful lectins can also increase overall inflammation.

The way blood type is directly affected by allergies is different for each type though. For Type O individuals, dietary lectins react more with IgE molecules, leading to more aggressive allergies and overall inflammation. Type A’s produce more mucus on average and more of a substance known as selectin, which leads to inflammation as well. People with Type AB blood have lower overall immunity, but some of the best resistance to respiratory based allergies. Finally, Type B’s have increased susceptibility to lung inflammation, like asthma, and viral infections. Understanding these distinctions is key to maintaining your health in the allergy-heavy season of spring! 

For more information, including a complete listing of foods for each blood type, you can refer to my books ALLERGIES: Fight Them with the Blood Type Diet. and The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia, A complete listing of the foods for the Blood Type Diet can also be found on my Type Base 4 page.


Seasonal allergies can be a nuisance. Following a nutrition plan tailored to your Blood Type can help to balance your immune system, reduce inflammation and make you more keenly aware of environmental and dietary factors that trigger your allergic response. Here are the top ten foods sorted by blood type that support your body to minimize the level of allergic responses.

Allergy Fighting Foods

These checklists were excerpted from the 
Allergies: Fight Them with the Blood Type Diet 
where you can find other healthy tips and recipes that are right for your blood type.


Dr. D'Adamo's Favorites for:
Changing Seasons

Abundant blooms and changing foliage are among the many joys that come with the start of spring. Breathe easy and achieve optimal health by following your specific Blood Type Diet, GenoType Diet, or SWAMI Diet. Find additional seasonal support with Dr. Peter D'Adamo's unique naturopathic supplement formulas below.

Quercetin Plus

Quercetin Plus
Quercetin is a natural, plant-derived flavonoid 400 times more potent than vitamin E that protects against free radical damage. Additionally, Quercetin has been used for decades to help support a healthy cardiovascular and immune system. Another common use of Quercetin has to do with its ability to support the healthy response to occasional inflammation following sports activity. As Quercetin bioflavonoids are not easily assimilated through the gut wall, Dr. Peter D'Adamo has added Bromelain enzyme to the formula to enhance its absorption. Our Quercetin formula is hypoallergenic and is derived from non-lectin containing sources. All blood types and GenoTypes can use Quercetin Plus.

Collinsonia Plus

Collinsonia Plus
In developing Collinsonia Plus, Dr. Peter D'Adamo took an entirely different approach. He reasoned that the best way to maintain healthy sinuses would not be to simply apply healing agents to the external surfaces of the sinuses, but rather to help them maintain their healthy function from within. In this one-of-a-kind formula, Dr. D'Adamo blended Collinsonia, or stone root, with the highest quality larch arabinogalactan to naturally maintain the health and comfort of the throat and sinus cavity.


Redoxa also supports healthy immune function and good respiratory health. If you find yourself in toxic environments, perhaps more than you would like, consider adding Redoxa to your health protocol.

Breathe Easy Pack for Seasonal Changes

Breathe Easy Pack
Our popular pack for seasonal allergy relief combines three formulas to form a powerful, natural defense for occasional symptoms related to allergies. Each pack saves you 15% over purchasing these products separately.

The pack includes:

  • Quercetin Plus™ - Quercetin has been found to inhibit the release of histamine and stabilize cell membranes. Dr. D'Adamo added Bromelain enzyme to increase absorption.
  • Collinsonia Plus® - Support for sinuses and throat congestion.
  • Proberry Caps™ - Convenient capsules feature a critical 4:1 concentrate of elderberry combined with ARA6® to optimize immune function.
Allergies: Fight Them With The Blood Type Diet

Allergies: Fight Them With The Blood Type Diet
The Individualized Plan for Preventing and Treating Environmental and Food Allergies, Chronic Sinus Infections, Asthma, and Related Allergy Conditions.

Allergies: Fight Them With The Blood Type Diet features:

  • Specific tools for preventing and treating allergies and allergy-related conditions that are not available in any of Dr. D'Adamo's other books.
  • A diet tailored to your blood type that helps you manage, prevent or treat the symptoms of allergies.
  • A new category of condition-specific Super Beneficials that highlight powerful foods.
  • Blood-type-specific protocols for targeted vitamins, supplements and herbs.

Finally, Allergies includes a four-week plan for getting started that offers practical strategies for eating, exercising, and living right to prevent, fight, manage and treat the symptoms.


Kathy B.

Blood Type Diet Success Story
Kathy B.Blood Type Diet - Success Story, Kathy B.

My husband and I started out on Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, two programs that provided us with meals to eat and a regimen to follow. He was an investor in both so I figured they were worth a shot. Despite eating all the unpleasant food they gave us neither option helped us substantially. Our clothes might have been slightly less snug from time to time, but I didn’t feel any better. From there we hopped from fad diet to fad diet, never truly finding the right plan for us.

By 1998 the spare tire I was carrying around my waist began to truly bother me. It seemed to grow faster than ever when I decided to switch from beef to chicken, the so-called lower calorie healthy meat of the time. I soon became unable to wear my own wedding rings and lost flexibility in my wrists as well. In July of the same year, I heard about the Blood Type Diet and approached it with the healthy skepticism I had developed from my negative experiences with other programs. But despite my doubts, I jumped into the Eat Right 4 Your Type book with eagerness and hope.

I found out that I was a Type B non-secretor and followed the guidelines for that type immediately. After two weeks of strictly following the diet, I lost a whopping five inches off the spare tire that had been plaguing me. I was hooked on the wonderful feeling and was thrilled to share it with my husband. But before I had the opportunity, he was pronounced dead on the eighteenth hole of a golf course during the middle of a match.

He was resuscitated in the ambulance and had to be constantly worked on at the hospital by a slew of doctors when he arrived. After six bypasses, the addition of a defibrillator and forty days in the hospital, he finally regained some semblance of health. During his trials I stayed by his side, constantly reading theEat Right 4 Your Type book in the meantime. I studied every detail and continued to follow the diet during his struggle for survival. Despite the stress of the situation, I had energy and felt healthy because of the diet.

When we got home after the forty-day struggle, I put my ailing husband on the Blood Type Diet as well. Since he was Type A, I made sure to only give him the foods that were best for him and the changes in his overall wellness that followed were outstanding. The first check-in with the doctors evoked the same shock from each one who saw him. They said unanimously, “I cannot believe how good these tests look.”

Though my husband only lived for 5 more years after the incident, each and every moment after his collapse on the course was a gift. The Blood Type Diet not only prolonged his time on this Earth but added so much to his quality of life as well. He was able to play golf again, travel all over the world with me, and enjoy himself because of it.

My journey with the Blood Type Diet still hasn’t stopped. I continue to explore the depths of my own body’s chemistry by exploring the genotyping that Dr. Peter D’Adamo suggests for people who strive for an even more personalized look at their health. I’ve been passing the knowledge to everyone around me as well. While selling vitamins for a corporation in 1999, myself and the people working there ran experiments that tested some of the “Avoid” and “Beneficial” foods for each type. While on beneficial, everyone lost weight. After three weeks of eating only avoid foods the people who participated gained significant weight and felt horribly sluggish. These moments proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can truly harm your body by eating the wrong foods.

At this point of my life, I am healthy, vibrant and happy. My family, including my grandchildren and even my great-grandson all follow the diet to a “T” and all share the same vitality. I can’t thank Dr. D’Adamo enough for all he has done for me personally and those around me. I will continue to share the benefits of this program so even more people can see the startlingly positive results I have.


Blood Type Diet in the News

The Heart Revolution

The Heart Revolution

Dr. Peter D'Adamo was part of the Heart Revolution last month, where he spoke about blood typing and its effect on cardiovascular health.

Watch the Interview

Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine

April 20, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo will be participating in a panel discussion on Changing Paradigms in Healthcare at the University of Bridgeport. [ This event is free and open to the public ]

Learn more & RSVP today


Cherry Walnut Breakfast Bread

Cherry Walnut Breakfast Bread
[ Right 4 All Blood Types ]


  • 4 eggs
  • 1 ¼ cups clarified butter
  • 1 ½ cups spelt flour
  • 1 ½ cups rolled oats
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup dried cherries
  • Handful of dry roasted walnuts and/or pecans
  • 4 tbsps nut butter (right for your blood type)


  • Heat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • In a bowl, whisk the eggs until frothy.
  • Add the clarified butter and whisk for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Add the dry ingredients, honey, cherries and nuts until well combined.
  • Pour the mixture in a non-stick cake tin and bake for about 35 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

You can toast your breakfast bread and add a generous layer of nut butter or jam.