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Recovery19 Pack

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Challenging times require creative solutions, and Recovery19 is the pack for the times we are living in. Combining the unique qualities of Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s Trehalose Complex, Histona Ulterior and Genoma EQ formulas, the Recovery19 Pack provides additional neurologic and cognitive function support, promotes healthy immune balance, and optimizes the body’s natural capacity for maintenance and repair. Recovery19 also provides long-term recovery support as your body works to return to its optimal state.  

  • Trehalose Complex: Trehalose is a natural sugar found in many organisms, including bacteria and plants. Research has shown that it may help protect cell integrity against various environmental stresses like heat, cold, dehydration and oxidation. It may also help promote healthy cognitive and neurologic function, provide healthy aging support to nerve tissues and defend against environmental toxins.
  • Histona Ulterior: This 100% herbal blend contains four essential ingredients that support healthy recovery and promote the reduction of symptoms caused by extreme stress on the body. This combination works to optimize and restore a healthy digestive system, healthy cardiovascular and liver function.
  • Genoma EQ: One of the main ingredients of Genoma EQ is Urtica dioica Root, or Stinging Nettle Root, which contains a well-researched lectin, purified from the root called Urtica dioica agglutinin. This exhibits antiviral activity and is capable of modulating aspects of an overactive immune system.

"Our nutritional needs accelerate when we must recover from a health crisis. Recovery19 addresses these most basic support needs: ensuring healthy nerve and cognitive function, promoting proper immune balance, and helping to optimize the body’s own maintenance and repair systems." - Dr. Peter D'Adamo

3-Week Support Cycle


Week 1

Trehalose Complex: 1 tsp three times daily 
Histona Ulterior: 2 capsules three times daily
Genoma EQ: 2 capsules three times daily

Week 2

Trehalose Complex: 1 tsp two times daily 
Histona Ulterior: 2 capsules two times daily
Genoma EQ: 2 capsules two times daily

Week 3

Trehalose Complex: 1 tsp daily 
Histona Ulterior: 2 capsules daily
Genoma EQ: 2 capsules daily



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