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Blood Type A

Your supplements should be as unique as you are! Each blood type has precise nutritional needs - Type A's supplement focus should be on supercharging the immune system, supplying cancer fighting antioxidants, preventing infections and strengthening the heart. Dr. Peter D'Adamo formulated his blood type specific nutrient packed supplements to meet the individualized needs of each blood type.

  • Polyvite A- Carefully designed by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, this multivitamin provides the Type A individual with the ideal amount of B Vitamins which Type A tends to have a hard time absorbing because of the lack of intrinsic factor, a substance produced by the lining of the stomach that helps absorption of B-12 into the blood.
  • Deflect A - One of our most popular and foundational formulas, Deflect A was formulated to help block damaging lectins and work to repair existing lectin damage.
  • PolyFlora A - This unique formula that's a blend of blood type optimal flora strains designed to provide the right balance of Type A friendly bacteria in your digestive tract.

Dr. Peter D'Adamo offers a full line of products specific to the Blood Type A individual.

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